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Selinsing Gold Mine started commercial production in September 2010 and in 2019 fully replaced gold inventory with sulphide gold resources and reserves for the next six years life of mine with upside potential. The Selinsing Gold Mine has produced 307,547 ounces for $411.9 million in revenue and cash cost of $496 per ounce, up to December 31, 2019. The plant capacity is 1.0 million tpa.

Production Data

Selinsing Gold Mine ProductionYear ended June 30
Ore mined (thousand tonnes)662.3740.9501.9882.2494.1421.8423.0193.6298.8166.9
Ore processed (thousand tonnes)272.1352.0364.7938.51,019.0954.2992.1847.4891.9934.8
Average ore head grade (g/t Au)3.084.314.242.071.311.450.880.81.030.8
Process recovery rate58.70%92.90%93.70%87.00%75.87%82.40%67.4%58.80%72.00%69.50%
Gold production(1) (ounces)13,79344,43844,58552,98235,98336,47318,15512,84522,85415,763
Gold sold (ounces)13,79340,43836,93857,90537,67036,50023,15012,70014,75016,505
Financial results
Gold sales (US$’000)16,31656,62761,70991,27748,58344,83823,59515,71919,25020,993
Per ounce data
Cash cost per ounce (US$/ounce)216242306400613587606936753713
Average spot gold price, US$/ounce1,0891,3721,6731,5731,2961,2241,1681,2381,3051,262
Average realized gold price(2), US$/ounce1,1831,4001,6711,5761,2901,2281,1571,2381,3051,260
  1.  Defined as good delivery gold bullion according to London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”), net of gold dore in transit and refinery adjustment
  2.  Monument realized US$/oz for the year ended June 30, 2016 excludes 5,000oz settled on Gold Forward Sale

Oxide Production and Plant Process

Run of mine (ROM) ore is delivered to the crushing circuit where it is crushed, screened added to the crushed stockpile (COS)Crushed ore is conveyed to the primary ball mill for grinding. Primary mill discharge is is split between the gravity circuit and the secondary ball mill. The Knelson concentrator recovers gold as a gravity concentrate which is then fed to the Acacia Reactor. Intensive cyanide leaching recovers gold into solution which is then directed to the electrowinning cells. Gravity tailings and intensive leach tailings are returned to the milling circuit. Secondary mill discharge is pumped to the primary mill discharge hopper and pumped back to the classification cyclones. The leach circuit features a total of nine leach / carbon in leach (CIL) tanks. The gold is leached from the ground slurry and adsorbed by the activated carbon. Loaded carbon is harvested from the second leach tank and pumped to the acid wash tank. Hydrochloric acid is used to remove any carbonate minerals and the carbon then flows into the elution column where a hot caustic and cyanide solution is added at pressure to initiate the elution of the gold from the loaded carbon. High tenor gold solution then circulates to the electrowinning cells where gold is deposited. The electrowinning cells are cleaned on a regular basis and the resultant gold dust smelted into bars and shipped to the gold refinery.

Oxide Plant Process Diagram

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